Maria Bach

Commitment within the community

Maria Bach has been a professional development coach for over 40 years. After establishing her own business in 1981, she watched it go from strength to strength, whilst also teaching others about professional development and leadership. She consistently held an over 98% success rate of employment with her graduates. This was achieved by teaching students leadership and life skills through personalised and professional coaching.

For the last 23 years, Maria has worked in a training and leadership capacity which has taken her overseas to various locations, working with one of the world’s most successful international and professional presenter and life coach, Anthony Robbins. At these events she has been responsible for leading teams of up to 70 people where she coaches and supports the participants. In her free time, Maria challenges herself to live outside of her comfort zone by undertaking high intensity treks all over the world.

Maria is also the Director and Founder of the White Bear Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation which launched in 2014. The foundation’s mission is to support children by providing them with effective tools to deal with the problems and challenges they face today and prepare them for years to come.

Building Resilience

As a life coach, Maria has always had a fascination with understanding why people seem content to settle for less in life and give up on their goals. One thing that Maria believes is missing in many people’s lives today, is having a level of resilience. Becoming more resilient is something Maria has always practiced in her own life and she actively promotes this attitude with the children and adults she interacts with.

Maria supports people from ages 7 to 70 in; achieving goals, building self-esteem, learning effective communication skills and developing leadership skills. Teaching leadership skills is an area that she enjoys, as it is a positive way for people to experience and learn about their strengths and limitations.

Whether presenting to individuals or groups from various backgrounds, Maria’s coaching is fun, captivating, compassionate and eloquent.

Whether it was running a very successful company, presenting to individuals, or a group from various diverse backgrounds, Maria’s coaching is eloquent, professional and she is compassionate and understanding.

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